If you want to save the planet’s animals why don’t you study them?

All across the world, plants and animals are severely and direly under threat, so much so that many fine species are on the verge of extinction. There have been mysterious cases through the years where docile creatures, if they can be called that, out in the wild, have simply disappeared, no longer to be seen. The seriousness of preserving all flora and fauna cannot be emphasized enough. If you really only want to think just of yourself, then you must know this.

Let’s just say that if they go then you will go too. Maybe not soon after they have become extinct, but sooner or later. Let’s take the fine species of bees. We cannot appreciate enough just how hardy they are. They can migrate across the continents and oceans to greener pastures if you will. But such pristine spaces are running out for them. There have been species that have been able to adapt to urban environments and knowledgeable stakeholders have found innovative and amenable ways that allow them and all other manner of urban species, that being you mainly, to live side by side and in harmony.

The saying goes that if the bees go, then all other animal and plant species, including Homo sapiens, will follow. A horrific chain reaction will be set in motion. One of the main reasons why flora and fauna are threatened and endangered is through mankind’s ignorance. For instance, stamping on a spider takes care of the threat of being bitten when the truth of the matter is that this is never likely to happen if you just leave the spider alone.

The same goes for snakes. They’d much prefer that you leave them alone anyhow.